Women go through a lot of changes in their life. From the fun and joy of childhood, then to the difficulties of teen years. The pain of puberty, lousy friendship… boys etc.

Then she become an adult (i feel like telling the story of a duck..). From there, her husband, her kids, her carrier becomes her main priority. She also have to take care of the house..

From here we can see how women is important to ones life. Women make our life complete. Just imagine a world without women… to be honest, I can’t. I also can’t imagine how a gay couple can survive. No offense, just wondering tho.

Although women are physically smaller than men, but a women’s heart is far more tougher than men’s. And one cannot doubt a women’s will to survive, and to go through bad times… like my mother.

Now, seeing all the female youths nowadays, I wondering how would it be like when they’re getting older. All the scene kids, or the emo or the other sub culture princesses… Including myself. I can’t imagine how my life as a woman in the future would be like. Especially when it comes to explain to my future kids how they mother used to be.look like. I’m not into these crazy sub culture thing, but how my kids going to react when they know that their mother used to have a Helloween CD and a huge fans of several metal bands?

Today I just received a friend request from my primary school teacher, my std 4 teacher. He teaches Chinese language… and he’s old. His hair was very grey 8 years ago and now, its getting grey-er. I haven’t heard news of him for ages. Seeing him reminds me that I am… old.

Sooner or later (if God wills..) I’ll be getting married and starts a family of my own.. and I think the one and only thing that I can do now is, CHANGE. Try to be a better person, be a better woman, build myself a good character… and learn to cook a decent meals! Although I can cook, but I want to cook like my my father, man he kick major ass in kitchen and even cooks better than my mother!

In the conjunction of Mothers’ Day. I want to wish all the beautiful women in this universe a happy mothers day and may God bless you all. Ameen.

p/s: I think Matt Heafy is a gentleman..


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