Assalamualaikum and like other posts, peace be upon youuu

I don’t like the smell. Although I’m a girl, but the smell makes me.. give a weird looking faces. On a daily basis, I just put on a deodorant or sometimes a tree smelled perfume. Its good and the smell is not so strong.

Talking about strong, this guy in my class, his cologne.. you can “smell” his present from 10 km distance! But they said that a guy that smells nice makes them more attractive, and I don’t think they’re attractive. I have sinus and strong pungent smells hurts my nose! Including perfumes and colognes!

and he usually to sit in front of me during classes which make it even worst! 😦 I talked to him about his cologne, but he said he didn’t apply anything! why?! you hashtags!!

p/s: I am so dead f he finds out that this I’m writing about him on the internet.. lucky me he don’t have a wordpress * villains’ laugh*


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