The picture yous see there, at the top of this post, is mine. MINE! I cooked that, fellas!

Actually, the meal was cooked under pressure and under a beautiful coincidence.. my old lady was sick and she can’t cook, so I gave my best shot.

But it is not just that, theres more but I only take picture of this one. The others are just common stuff. Stir fried vege, fried fish…

The name, I don’t know what to name it. It have potatoes, egg plant and an egg, so maybe fried potatoes and egg with burnt egg plant..Despite the ugly look and  over edit.. it tasted good! There were some salty feel, and the muchiness of the potatoes, the burnt egg plant, and scrambled egg..

Say no more, now the steps.

You need:

  1. oil
  2. salt
  3. potatoes, sliced as you wish, be it a wedges shape or triangle or square..
  4. egg plant
  5. egg(s)
  6. chillies, for decoration
  7. onion, not too much
  8. luck


  1. Put the oil in a pan.. or a pot. whatever suits you.
  2. Throw in the potatoes, fries until they turn into golden brown. lol that sounds very chef-ish. but don’t fry too long because you have to fry it again later.
  3. Then after you put the potatoes in a plate, throw in the egg plant, fried until they have small burnt on the surface, like brown-black colour.
  4. Next, put the egg plant in a plate.
  5. After that, give the onion a good stir, crack the egg, use a fork (I use fork to scramble the egg) to give the egg a good stir also, throw in the potatoes, the egg plant, add some salt, and you’re done.
  6. Then put the already chopped chillies on top of the dish and enjoy. This dish is suitable to eat all by itself or can be eaten with rice.
  7. Smile if you’re succeeded.

Some precautionary steps:

  1. Make sure the oil is hot AND the pan is hot enough, then you fry the things, or else it’ll stick to your pan and ruin everything
  2. Use sharp object carefully, and be careful when handling fire.


  1. Be in a kitchen more often.

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