In a few years time…

Due to my busy-ness as a uni student.. ( I sound sucky) I can only update this shit like… once a months? probably.. and I can’t afford the internet.. plus the internet connection is extremely weak here.. I’m pretty sure almost every college student face this problem.. 😦

And also, ramadhan is coming up! oh I can’t wait!! I hope my menstrual cycle don’t interrupt me during this holy month..

Oh man, writing about ramadhan… its just beautiful!

And fasting in college is far more… challenging than when I was in home. You know, got to walk to school, with the outdoor activities and all that. If my class is finish at 12, I can just lying down in my bed all day long and get up just to buy food…

But that is not what I’m going to do this year! i want to be as proactive as possible! I want to spend my time recite the Quran! And be a good Muslimah! yeah!

oh well.

this is my view from the back of my dorm.. the place is restricted to men.. so it s bonus! lol just kidding, just kidding. This morning, theres a bunch of fogs around the area so i decided to capture it…


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