Couple of weeks ago, I bought a book about Rothschild at the small fair at my uni. At first I didn’t want to buy it… cuz I don’t have much money. But I think.. what the hell it’s education. They are not teaching this on text books!.. So, I bought it at the price of RM40~ (I forgot the price, my friend borrowed it..)

When we all know that Rothschild and the conspiracy theory is unseperate-able.. and I’ve watched the infamous series The Arrival and since then.. I feel “something”.. hehe

A little content from the book, 

The first chapter is about a guy named Amschel Moses Bauer, then continued with his children, then to this grandchildren.. became the most succesful businessman in history and have the richest bloodlines in the world.. this fascinates me. I mean they just started out by exchanging coins and then they did business through banking.. and they way they run the business, is amazing genius and dirty. 

I mean, its like clairvoyant you know.. plus they good at manipulating people to do their job.

Money is needed to run things on this planet. But unfortunately, money is just a paper. Back in the day of the anbia’, people are using gold and silver as a currency. So, the currency is stable and there is also baitulmal, a place to keep all the taxes paid by citizen and then distributed throughout the nation to the poor and the unfortunate. So, it act like a bank, that is run by taxes to help in the development of a country.. and it is controlled by the khalifa not a non-government organisation that said “national bank”..

Back to the Rothschild thingy.

According to the book, they way the Rothschild run their business is extremely unique. They run it by bribery and by high interest and of course by sponsoring only the desperate one.. and for things that benefits them in the long run.. for example, they sponsored the first Zionist congress in Basel, Switz. 

In my opinion, they act like moneylender, more like a loan shark, in Malaysia, the term “ah long” is used. (yes it is a Chinese term) They are sweet talker, good at manipulating, and controlling; but despite all that, they are surprisingly low profile! I mean, I always imagine that rich people wear gold-made t-shirt.. lol. Some publicity are required by this family imo. Can’t you imagine? In the middle of both the WW, they can build a mansion? And transferring Jews from the Europe to the Middle East? awesome

Writing of controlling, one thing that makes the Rothschild family a powerful family, they use debt to control others life.. according to the book. Also, I hope I’ll found the book by Niall Ferguson, The House of Rothschild: Money’s Prophet, 1798-1848. The book title itself… boom! But these kinds of book are rare. Because they’re treasures; and of course it is hard to find it on library bookshelf, or in stores.. and I don’t buy things through my pc screen.

The conclusion is. Don’t do debt. From Allah we came, and one day for sure to Allah we return. I mean. Money isn’t everything but with money, we can do everything, and owning people is one of them. Like the Rothschild case, they are Jewish, and they want a state. So, they’ll do everything they they can by any mean necessary to achieve their mission and vision. But we, no matter who you are, a Muslim, a Christians, whateves. We are all have mission in our lives.. and to free ourselves; but if we tie ourselves with a pile of debt, that means we are torturing ourselves; we made ourselves a slave.. to our own species.. its pathetic. 

When we are a human being too, why bother to be a slave to someone that we can beat the shit out of them? We are indeed a slave, to our Lord, to Almighty, not to someone/something that shits and fart as we are.. 

My suggestion is, 

Read a book. Plant your own garden. Spend less. Avoid debt. And return to our Creator. Maybe some people said that. Its just some money matter. Yeah. Money that control your whole bloodlines. Money that own the world and your body and your mind. Just turn around and look around. We’re like.. in a mass hypnotism state. We don’t care about things that are not connected to the internet. We just eat whatever we want, drink whatever we like,… talk whatever we fancy.. without thinking. 

While we sit in front of our pc scrolling, there are human that was even not sure whether they’ll survive the next day. While we are eating the latest domino’s, there are people starving. While we are spending money, there are people who are owned by someone.

I didn’t say it is wrong to do your…thing. But, if we could spent hours playing skyrim, why not spending a little time reading? And start a debt free life? For now, I am trying to be a vegan, not a complete vegan. But just to live a healthy life style, I eat meat, but at small quantity, because I am allergy to chicken… its tragic isn’t it? 😦 I love chicken… and start to keep coins. So that when the world have run out of silver coins, I still keep it. And I also wanted to live a debt free live, but I am having a huge debt (soon). A study loan. I don’t want to apply for it at the first place… but I’m poor. The only way to transform the study loan into a scholarship is by maintaining a 3.0 and above of cgpa.. so far so good for 2 semesters… 4 to go! 

ok. done with shit talking…

The best and the good come from Allah and the worst are from my weaknesses and my ignorance.

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. 




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