the blessed month

In less than a week time, the Muslimin and Muslimat across the world will be celebrating Ramadhan, the 9th month in the  Hijr calendar. This year will be my 12th year.. not the official full 12 years yet.. :\

For those who are going to celebrate their first Ramadhan this year, I must say, welcome and may you have the most blessed and most cheerful, exciting, full of challenging yet prosperous Ramadhan and may you have a barakah month. 😀

Here are the do’s and don’t during the Ramadhan:-

  • The fasting starts from the dawn or the Subuh adzan and finished at dusk; and are prohibited to do things that will cancel the fasting and the people who will escape or given the free ticket to not fasting..
  • such as:
  1. eating and drinking; of course.
  2. sexual relations during the day
  3. enter something into body’s cavity. Like kids always do, sticking their finger into their nose. My teacher said it is not wrong, if our nose is itchy, just scratch it slightly, not until the very deep, until you have the “feeling”. Another example is pour water into your ears or eyes. You know, if water enters the ears, we have “that feeling”… I am suck at explaining.
  4. period, or women in nifas, wiladah. The period after giving birth.
  5. Musafir. People who travel more than 2 marhalah, or more than 90 kilometres.. for good purposes.. only.
  6. purposely giving out sperm.

These are the things that will increased our deeds during the fasting month:-

  • give charity, not just in money form. In the old Malaysian culture, housewives used to exchange deserts among themselves. They’ll ask their children to give the home-made deserts to every neighbour they known and they’ll get the neighbours’ in exchange. My father told that his mother only make one type of desserts. But when the iftar, the break-fast, there are various kinds of desserts on the floor. The old Malay culture don’t eat on table. Some don’t even have dining table in their house. It continues in the modern culture where dining table are only for put the dishes and all family members gathers and eat on the floor with hands, and the richer have a piece of cloth, while some family just put some old newspaper together… never mind if you can’t imagine it.. I understand.
  • read al-Quran, since it is the month of Quran
  • sleep. Only in this special moth where sleeping will count as deed.
  • and of course, taraweeh! This is the ultimate thing of all. If one is too lazy to go to bazaar to buy for the iftar, or too lazy to cook, they can just walk(or drive whateves) to the nearest masjeed to break-fast. Its free too. Unfortunately, we have to wash the dishes or at least sweep the floor after finish eating.. oh and in old Malay culture, they did it quite differently. They will prepare a huge plate, not a plate, more like huge iron pan that looks like plate but huge. Then they’ll put everything in it. From the rice, the side dish, vege, meat, everything, (cooked) and 3-4 people will share the same “plate”. I think this is happen in the middle east also… not sure.

And this is the last one, things that me and my sister usually do during the fasting month… maybe not this year. She’s in the east coast while I’m stuck in Seri Iskandar… hmmm

  1. Every fasting month, every year, there will be a show called Jejak Rasul; it is like a series of the tales from the quran ect. And I remember that one year where they have the series about 3 main samawi religions, Islam, Christianity and also Judaism. It is extremely interesting I hope they’ll make a DVD of it. And there also one year that they documented the Islam in the east-European countries; range from Russia to Kazakh and so on. I think they are so unique. You know, they look like Asian, some of them but they speak Russia!
  2. Watching talented chefs making cookies and cakes.. and dishes. 🙂
  3. Watching drinking water/mineral water commercials.
  4. Reading comics
  5. Drawing
  6. why I even do all these..

Ok. I think that’s it. I’m gonna prepare myself! Also, I wish you all, (maybe its too early)…. never mind.. post Ramadhan al-Mubarak! and have a nice one! And don’t spend too much on iftar… be healthy! Drink a lot of water or you might have urinating problems during the day…

p/s: Make sure the kurma is not out of stock.

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you

there might be some information loss… sorry if there are.

the video.. pretty much sums up my entry. Maybe a little.


2 thoughts on “the blessed month

    • aww… thank YOU for stopping by! :DDD and hope you have a great Ramadhan too! naw. as long as you keep your self calm, and also by remembering Allah, insya-Allah, everything is going to be alright! good luck!

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