I don’t always understand lbgt people, but when I do–I don’t.

I don’t understand how someone can become a lgbt person.

I don’t know what happened to them.

What happened to their “nature”..

It is extremely confusing.


They want a world that support their “rights”, to support their “choice”. But, what will happened to the world if EVERYONE is a lgbt person? There will be marriage, but how do the future generation will be born? Because they married with their own sexes–and how would they defined their “spouse” to be “beautiful”?–or “handsome”?? 

And since they are at the legal age to get married, ie they have reach puberty, then how can they reach puberty if they are homosexual?

Like, when a girl reached puberty, her womb is ready to carry a baby, but baby is produced from the intercourse of a married man and his wife–but if the girl is married, how the (what do they called?..) the… urm. other person is who is the same sex as her… a woman to make a baby for her?


Before that,  why do God created a man and a woman? Why didn’t He created human with one sex only? 


Then, He created human with TWO sexes ONLY. But why did He gives them… us sexual changes? 


I like questioning. 😀


Becau-se, it is NATURE. 

Everything on earth is in pairs. The sun, pairs with the moon; the day pairs with the night; the good and the bad; the happy, the sorrow;  the win, the loss;— men, women.

As a conclusion, cuz my time is going to reach 11 and I have Calculus II to study— so!

As the conclusion, lead a healthy lifestyle– both physically and mentally… and sexually. Or just look at the mirror. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING. YOU ARE A HUMAN. NOT A DONKEY–OR MONKEY–OR FISH. FISH IS GOOD.

Think for a second–ok just for about a quarter of hour– when a person is dealing with his/her sexual “problem”, there are other people out there who are now dying due to starvation, or crying their heart out, pumping fist in the air, not knowing whether they are going to breath for the next 24 hour–because they are in the middle of a battlefield–fighting for their land. While we are sitting in our most comfortable chair we can afford scrolling through facebook pages–or wordpress. 

I am not good at advising, on paper, or on pc screen.. I’m a math major, not a writer, but I love to type. I like the sound.. *klik klak klik klak*

Thats all. 

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you~ 


3 thoughts on “lgbt

  1. Here are some answers to your questions. They’re not perfect and they’re not factual – just one of many opinions.
    1) We’ll never have a world where everyone’s sexuality is something other than straight – that would be like suggesting we might have a world with only blondes or people who are exactly 5″1′. Nature doesn’t make everyone identically.
    2) You reach puberty regardless of whether you get married, are male or female, or are straight or LGBT.
    3) You can call your partner anything you want. I’m friends with a male and female couple who call each other ‘partners’, instead of boyfriend and girlfriend or fiancé(e). You can also call your significant other a companion or a spouse – those words aren’t limited to one gender.
    4) You’re right: everything IS in pairs. Sometimes the pairs just happen to be two of the same things.
    5) This is the most important one. People in the LGBT community want their freedom to love whoever they want as much as other people want to drink clean water, eat healthy meals, or to live in a peaceful society BECAUSE all of these awful situations are NOT OUR FAULT. It’s no one’s “fault” that they’ve turned out to be gay, or that they were born in a land where water is not as accessible. It’s no ones fault if they happen to live in a country where there is war. And yet, we are expected to live accordingly.
    I hope that helps.

    • … first of all, thx for visiting. ok. about no.5. I think, a person was born either to be a man or a woman, and not to born to be a homosexual person. I personally think that it is the person it self who make them-self like that. to be born as a male or female or to be born in a land with full access of water–is not a choice but to be a straight or gay is a choice and they have chosen the wrong path.. also, thank you for pointing out no1 – 4.

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