Tomorrow, it is officially Ramadhan. Both my roomates are heading back to their home.. and here I am updating wordpress alone, in my room, and the corridor looks empty than usual. I am supposed to go to masjeed to perform the taraweeh– but I got no friend to go to. And I feel very very guilty right now. ūüė¶



In 7 hours time insyaallah I will wake up for suhoor. My mom called, and asked whether I have any food to eat. I replied with biscuits–peanut butter cream biscuit which I just¬†bought¬†earlier today.

Anyway, this year is definitely going to be different, insyaallah.

I will make use of every single day to make good deeds and sadaqah more! \o/

Ramadhan Mubarak! ‚̧¬†

*picture taken frm Maher Zain’s fb page. If you want me to take it down, just tell. thx*





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