economics presentation

My lecturer gave us a sub-topic in macroeconomics, about inflation to present in my econ class.

I hate presentation.

But I love economics..

Although I am not majoring in econ, but in my opinion, econ is a very interesting subject.. unlike accounting. Due to my hatred towards accounting, my gpa dropped like hell, on last semester’s final exam. It is my fault too, I shouldn’t hate knowledge, like calculus, I don’t know what is the purpose to study calculus, and the connection between calculus and daily life. My calculus lecturer always said that by studying calculus, it helps us to focus and be more efficient on daily lives…

So, after some searching on the Internet, I manage to relate the importance of gold and inflation, about Federal Reserves, about fiat… and I think it is very interesting.

I just hope that everything is going great and accordingly to MY plan. Since I am the head. 🙂


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