Well, things are getting a little bit screw up in the past few days. Especially with the political stuff here. I don’t know what to write about honestly… its because I’m not a political person.. I usually don’t care about these bull crap you know. All day long I just spent my time with maths.. and listen to music. But the BERSIH stuff.. plus on facebook, people keeps on shoving it unto others throat. Others blame the government, while others are on their side, me? haha I’m neither. and if you ask me what BERSIH is all about and what does it mean. I don’t even know, because I do not want to know about it.

I don’t understand some people who are so radical. ok I understand that you love your leader and willing to sacrifice for them.. by throw away all the moral values. You know, if you’re angry, the probability of you’re harming people is high and the higher the percent of going to hell. yeah, if the person you frigin beat up is refuse to forgive you…

Furthermore, based on my observation, the BERSIH rally is highly supported by the scholars, and the conspiracy among the politicians is highly being discussed among..the people of course. In my opinion, whats seems to be the problem with the relationship between the scholars and politics is that it will create a whole new different perception among people. Some stupid ass people will thought that it is not relevant anymore to follow these scholars. In fact these scholars are very educated and are well respect among Malay people.. and in the politicians side, there will be a tiny little doubt among their supporters..

You know what? This is the frigin 3rd rally! I love my country, just the fact that I was born here.. but, come on. These stuff is extremely embarrassing. I’m waiting for someone who can stop all these shits and also can satisfy both the government and their alter ego.. but that is kinda impossible.

God.. these political stuff makes me headache. Better makes myself comfy with some Trvium songs… \m/ and this is just my opinion. You know, a girl whos bored and got nothing to do except for writing..