men’s diary

When I was younger, I always wanted to know what boys are always talking about. Is it about us girls or they preferred to talk about gaming, comic books etc..

But then I thought, that will make me a girl with mental disorder. You know, walk slowly behind their back just to know what they are gossiping about… Then I came out with a brilliant idea, I can spy on their behaviour. 🙂

Actually, this is quite important. Because someday I will get married and I don’t want to get married to the wrong man.

Then one day, I ACCIDENTALLY found my classmate’s weblog. It turns out to be his “online diary”. Honestly, it is the grossest thing I’ve ever read.  You know. He writes about his girlfriend, his stressful student life, his best friend, his enemy… and I’m started to think that he is actually a chicken. Like, physically, us classmates view him as some sort of celebrity. He is one of the brightest students in Calculus, he speaks well, have all the brilliant ideas, have a great sense of humour (not to me), a star football (soccer)player, but when he writes, he became the most sentimental and softest writer ever.

Luckily that men’s diary aren’t as advance as Tom Riddles’. You know, the scene when Harry wrote on it and the ink eventually dissappear and the diary wrote back? If that kind of diary exist, I will be among the first one to buy it.

This is when I come to a conclusion that, inside every strong man, there’s a garden inside him. I mean, it is good for some reason. Like, he is able to express his feelings, but his “diary” contradicts my opinion about him. Reading his diary makes me wonder that men are actually two-faced. Only those who recognise them extremely well will know exactly who they really are. Until now, I never understand them, including my own father. Maybe I am not his son, the fact that he doesn’t have one; also, every action of his is pretty questionable… oh father.

This is completely different with girls. What they wrote is the same with their character. This is based on my experience/experiment with my own sister. I stalked her weblog and the weblog is she herself. What am I writng in this weblog, in in fact my true self. Believe it or not…

That is why the old saying goes, men have 1 desire and 9 wisdoms; women have 9 desires and 1 wisdom. I personally think this is an insult. But, yeah. It is true though…

Oh well, I don’t always understand men, but when I do … I don’t.

P/s: Eid ul adha Mubarak! To those in the middle of war, and to those who are unfortunate, and for those who celebrate it for the first time, just so you know that I will always pray for your safety and happiness. May this year’s Eid ul adha brings joy and happiness to all.  Ameen.

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